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Counselling is offered by phone and/or in person. If you choose to visit us, we will try to make a personal appointment with you at the earliest opportunity. We can also provide advice and support over the phone. In the event of an acute emergency situation, you can come to see us without making an appointment.

Regardless of the situation, please contact us by phone beforehand.

What To Do After A Rape

Sexual Abuse in Marriage and Partnerships

Don't let date rape drugs knock you out


  • Telephone and in-person counselling sessions
  • Support in crisis situations
  • Short-term therapy
  • Preparation and support when filing a charge and during legal action
  • Legal advice from female lawyers
  • Support in the search for a suitable female psychotherapist
  • Several group offers
  • Information and counselling for family members and other attachment persons
  • Further education and supervision for other occupational groups

Please note that it may take us a few days to respond to counselling requests submitted by e-mail.

LARA premises are used solely by women only during counselling times.