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LARA - Fachstelle gegen sexualisierte Gewalt an Frauen*

Psychosocial counselling for refugee women, trans*, inter*, and non-binary persons from Ukraine who have suffered sexual violence

The service provided is aimed at all girls, women, trans*, inter* and non-binary persons aged 14 or over, irrespective of country of origin, religious affiliation and sexual orientation, with and without a disability, who had to flee the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine and who have experienced or are experiencing sexual violence as well as their relations and people in their support network. In this, it is not relevant how long ago the violence took place or who perpetrated the violence. The violence may have taken place in Ukraine, in another country (of origin), while fleeing or in Germany, but also during childhood, adolescence or adulthood. The person responsible for the violence may be a relation, a trusted person or a stranger.

It is also possible that the victim of the sexual violence does not realise until hours, days or years later that a boundary has been crossed.

In our understanding, sexual violence includes not only attacks that are punishable by law, such as sexual assault and rape, but also all forms of sexual harassment. The subjective way the victim of sexual violence feels about what happened is decisive in assessing whether the act was a violation or not.

Psychosocial counselling

The counselling is carried out by a female psychologist and can be arranged in Russian, German or English, or with an interpreter in the respective native language. The counselling is carried out in a way that fully respects the boundaries and needs of the person who has suffered sexual violence. It is possible, but not necessary, to talk about the details of the assault itself. It is important that the persons who have suffered decide themselves what they want to confide to the counsellor and what form the session should take.

Using a wide range of offerings that help overcome the impacts of sexual violence, LARA can support those who have suffered sexual violence, their relations and people in their support network in finding ways to deal with the violence experienced. This can include the following, among other things:

  • psychological counselling about the consequences of sexual violence
  • providing stabilisation in crises and in situations of acute stress
  • dealing with emotions and other consequences that may be connected to trauma
  • perceptions and establishing boundaries
  • further information about other offerings.

Our counselling rests on the principle that the responsibility for violence lies with the perpetrators and not with those who are subjected to violence.

We provide advice free of charge, from a feminist standpoint, unequivocally on the side of the person seeking advice and, if requested, anonymously.

The employees of LARA are subject to the obligation of confidentiality.

During opening hours, only women* have access to the premises. You are welcome to bring a female support person to the counselling centre.

Legal advice

Besides psychosocial counselling, there is also the option of obtaining legal advice from female lawyers. An interpreter can also be provided for this.


Contact person

To arrange appointments, or if you have any questions or you need posters or flyers, then please contact or get in touch with our Lara hotline on 030 216 88 88 or 0178 178 93 41.

Flyer are currently being translated will soon be available in English, Ukrainian, Russian and German.