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LARA - Fachstelle gegen sexualisierte Gewalt an Frauen*

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18.03.2021 10:01 Alter: 3 yrs

WENDO - Feminist trainings for setting physical and psychological boundaries for women, trans*, inter*, and non-binary people

Through techniques of self-defense and methodology of Theater of the Oppressed

This training was created in the aim of contributing to empowering women, trans*, inter*, and non-binary people by regaining self-confidence and believing in one’s own capacities, taking control and dismissing any feelings of helplessness. The main goal is that after the workshops participants feel empowered, as well as they form new views on the possible actions that can lead to strengthening their own capacities for taking back control and gain power in situations of violence.

After the training participants will be more reconnect with themselves in order to be more equipped to recognize violent intentions of others and transgressions of physical and psychological boundaries in everyday life.

The trainings include practical voice and body exercises, taken from feminist self-defense practices (martial arts techniques, wen-do) combined with traditional set of theatrical techniques that challenge internalized gender behaviors trough: body exercises, diction, voice techniques, role play, all adapted to the methodology of the Theater of the Oppressed.


The target group are adult women, trans*, inter*, and non-binary people who will participate in the three week program that consists of three workshops each lasting for 2 hours.


The number of participants is limited. Please register for this via emailberatung@lara-berlin.de.


The training will be held in English.

The participants do not need to have a previous experience in self-defense.

The number of participants in the training can wary, ideally it will be up to 10.