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LARA - Fachstelle gegen sexualisierte Gewalt an Frauen*

Counseling by phone or personal

Counseling independet of language or disability

Mobile advisory service for refugee women

Support in crisis situation

Counseling via E-Mail

Different group offers

Support at finding an appropriate therapist

Information and counselling for relatives

Further training and supervision

Legal advice

LARA - Rape Crisis and Counselling Centre

LARA offers unbureaucratic assistance for women, girls, trans*, inter*, and non-binary persons over the age of 14, who have been raped, sexually abused and/or sexually harassed.

LARA‘s counsellors will listen to you and take you seriously. They will offer you support irrespective of how long ago the sexual abuse occurred and who committed it.

You may choose to remain anonymous. We will not record your personal data if you do not wish us to do so. It goes without saying that we treat all information strictly confidentially.

Counselling is offered by telephone, video, or in person. We will try to arrange an appointment for you as soon as possible. We offer counselling in German, English, French, Turkish and Polish. For other languages we arrange language mediators.

Our telephone hotline offers you rapid advice and support.

In acute crisis situations you can also come to us without a prior appointment Mondays to Fridays between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm. You may have to wait to be seen.

You can bring someone with you to the Centre if you wish to. Please note that cis men are not permitted to enter LARA’s premises during opening hours.

Free legal advice from experienced lawyers is offered every Tuesday.
You can arrange an appointment via our hotline.

Please call our telephone hotline on 030 216 88 88 or send an email to